Guide to Your Tarot Year Card Part Three

Audrey Dundee Hannah
4 min readJan 1, 2023

This is how you’ll glow up in 2023

Photo by author of Rider Waite Smith, Morgan Greer, and Eakins Tarot cards

If you haven’t already read my explanation of how to calculate your Tarot card for the year, check that out here.

If you got a number between one and eleven, head back here.


You’re hanging by one foot upside down over water. The only way out is to surrender, because you do not have the wherewithal to cut that rope otherwise.

Maybe it actually starts to feel good to take a break, to go with the flow of life, to release all you were carrying. To be like an aerial dancer peacefully flipped. Maybe your dreams take on new forms and you yourself merge with formlessness.


Something significant transitions here per this Scorpionic energy‘s demands. Roles you might cosplay: Death putting a stop to something; the horse Death rides in on; the woman in mourning, shock, and denial at what ceases to be; the little girl offering Death a flower.

Not everything lasts forever — the king will eventually fall. Maybe you’ll find yourself saying thank you despite and because of the loss.


Balance sounds nice on paper but can feel like a major yawn. Hilarious that this card is connected to Sagittarius, the most out of bounds sign of all. Isn’t that the point, though? At Temperance we slow down enough to measure out just what we need rather than gorging.

Be grumpy all you want that this year checks you on moderation, but given the drama of last year, aren’t you kind of into that now?


Death is inevitable, but the Tower is or at least feels like it’s not. Suddenly a lightening bolt shatters and scatters your world and there’s no going back.

In a Tower year, you may feel like everything runs right out of your hands. But don’t profound insights, ideas for brilliant works of art, deep understandings come like thunder?


“I’m so trapped and helpless!” is kind of a sexy game in which you invent and adorn your vision of…



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