Guide to Your Tarot Year Card Part Two

Audrey Dundee Hannah
5 min readJan 1, 2023

This is how you’ll glow up in 2023

Photo by author of Rider Waite Smith, Morgan Greer, and Eakins Tarot cards

If you haven’t already read my explanation of how to calculate your Tarot card for the year, check that out here.

The following could be expanded into a full-length book — on my to do list for years now — so take this as a starter kit for puzzling out what each card might mean for your year ahead!

And please, please, please do not rush to the doom-and-gloom side of some of these cards: going through difficult life transits does not preclude having incredibly wonderful experiences at the same time.

Take these insights as you might a dream: a series of concepts to meditate on, be curious about, and unpack over time. Have no intention of pinning down an exact meaning. Leave the butterfly off your wall.


Thanks to Mercury, you have all the tools at your disposal to make magic: sudden, mysterious, and powerful. USE WHAT YOU HAVE. This is not a year to sit around and wait for someone else to rescue you.

There’s a possibility you might get pulled into some kind of deception; which is to say you might start spitting lies to get what you want. Let’s not. What did I say about those tools?




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