Six Frivolous Activities For After You Do A Responsible

Adulting followed by a fluffy blanket.

Photo by Snowy Vin on Unsplash

Open and fund a Roth IRA

Buy a white vintage bow bikini and daisy swimcap on credit even though it seems you will not get into a pool until 2022.

Donate money and networking time to an organization that helps prevent hate crimes

Watch a soapy Freeform show about moody teenagers who have unbelievable but compelling plot arcs that you fully invest in emotionally.

Make amends with your mother for a difficult conversation

Eat a pint of Trader Joe’s coconut milk coffee ice cream with boba while priding yourself on managing to consume a drink, a snack, and dessert.

Exercise your body by walking seven miles

Imitate the quirky voices of serious radio hosts. “Hello. Welcome to BOOKWORM…” Boogh-wherb. Booghwherb.

Actually floss your teeth

Start out doing the yoga pose known as cat-cow, and end up mooooooing on the floor.

Get out of bed

Get back in bed.

Actor. Human cockatoo. Recently adopted a child's backpack.

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