I’m Going to Lose Eight With Ape Fruit and Cottage Sees!

Audrey Dundee Hannah
4 min readDec 31, 2022

Toss your retro diet for this amazing new lifestyle plan app for 2023!

Photo by author of banana giving the white glove treatment

Ever laugh uproariously at the ridiculous old-fashioned diets women used to put themselves on to tone up in the new year? It’s downright tragic that anyone would whittle away their days on Earth eating nothing but grapefruit — so bitter! — and cottage cheese — so congealed!

New Year, New Ewww!

We are the empowered humans of the post-modern era. We are full of body neutrality and body positivity and body-ody-ody-ody-ody-ody-ody-ody.

We would never subject ourselves to oversized citrus and curds!!

Which is why this year, in order to make smaller versions of ourselves to fit into narrow societal standards, we girlbosses at the company we call KK are living our best lives by eating bananas and looking at tiny rental properties.

Join us in the extremely effective ape fruit and cottage sees lifestyle plan app and make it tight and right in 2023!

Ape Fruit

Let’s be clear that while not all apes have endorsed the banana as their ultimate fruit of choice, and while we don’t personally have simian friends — unfortunately, since we’d sure like to skip our rigid morning routines to monkey around! — we’ve…



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