Four Orchids With SAG-AFTRA Cards Who Are Ready To Get Back To Work

They are blooming ready to do their job.

While it’s sort of astonishing that any film and television production is operating at all in the middle of a global pandemic, in general Hollywood actors are currently sitting at home attempting to write mediocre screenplays because they can’t audition to do the thing they are actually good at. So unless you’re in the cast of “Grey’s Anatomy,” “This is Us,” “Good Girls,” or you’re a movie star able to work freely down under in Australia, likely you can relate to the following orchids who gave birth during quarantine and are really ready to get back to work as proud dues-paying union members.


I’ve just had four with another set of twins on the way, and have fully maxed out my deductible, my savings, and my damn patience. Early 2020 I was featured in a Geico ad for home insurance and hoped to be upgraded to a spokesflower role, but no dice. That I will likely have to pay for new headshots just to get asked for a self-tape is exhausting.


My goal for 2020 was to finally book a recurring on a network show so I can upgrade to a better agent and make those syndication residuals. How many one-day guest stars can a “no name” do before casting would finally like to see her on the reg? I didn’t get a chance to audition for pregnant mother parts, and now have to consider finding daycare if in 2021 I’m at last invited back to set.


Can we talk about my reels for a minute? I edited them together end of 2019, which might as well have been about 1,000 years ago. My leaves hadn’t grown out and my dark comedic timing was not as honed. Thanks, trauma of lockdown! Caving to the lure of Amazon, I had a ring light sent to my house but does it look like I have time to film clever little quips while literally in the process of giving birth? I need a drink so big my roots might get waterlogged.


This last year, career-wise, truly has been an epic phalaenopsis. But I will draw strength from my degree in drama, decades of training, work experience, actor friends, and the insane miracle of landing a job in this town.

And no, I will not be joining TikTok.

Actor. Human cockatoo. Recently adopted a child's backpack.

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