This Silicon Valley biotech company really looks out for those in need!

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REDWOOD CITY, CA — While most biotech start-ups in Silicon Valley pursue medical innovations to transform provider care and patient experience, up-and-coming Gutsee led by CEO Eve Tran has stretched their aspirations from curing embarrassing digestive problems into offering government-backed rental relief.

The company primarily delivers detailed analysis of the gut microbiome in the direct-to-customer space, which is another way of saying you will never escape their targeted ads on YouTube. …

Adulting followed by a fluffy blanket.

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Mature enough to do what needs to get done, but immature enough to still be a full human being? Here are some suggestions to back up your best adulting with some time in the comfort zone.

Open and fund a Roth IRA

Buy a white vintage bow bikini and daisy swimcap on credit even though it seems you will not get into a pool until 2022.

Donate money and networking time to an organization that helps prevent hate crimes

Watch a soapy Freeform show about moody teenagers who have unbelievable but compelling plot arcs that you fully invest in emotionally.

Make amends with your mother for a difficult conversation

Eat a pint of Trader Joe’s coconut milk coffee ice cream with boba while priding yourself on managing to…

No thank you for disregarding our wealth of experience.

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Taking myself and my work seriously while female has elicited this one comment way too many times. Especially amongst those without any context of what I have earned or accomplished. “You have so much potential,” total strangers often like to say after seeing something I’ve made or reading something I’ve written or watching something I’ve filmed.

Sometimes these comments come from acquaintances: a wardrobe stylist dressing me for a role, imagining how I might outfit myself in real life; a makeup artist noting how my features respond to Giorgio Armani foundation; or someone not nearly as far along with running…

I offer you nearly unsolvable conundrums such as this year’s coronavirus tax relief game plan.

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While normally Americans must file their taxes by April 15th, this year the deadline is May 17th. The IRS hopes to “ease the burden on filers dealing with the economic upheaval caused by the coronavirus, which has put millions out of work or caused their hours to be cut,” writes Alan Rappaport in the New York Times.

Greetings, exhausted seeker! You have trekked through the financial desert of 2020 to where I, the Internal Revenue Service, reside on Constitution Avenue. You may get off your dusty camel, but please keep your mask on. …

Before I had access to the first three waves of feminist literature, fictional plants and animals offered me antiquated warnings on growing up female.

The author’s stack of children’s books laying it out about misogyny

Have you ever reviewed the messaging in a stack of books you read as a child to unpack the sense of doom you felt growing up in the eighties? My brain still pages through these long overdue check-outs from the library of how to be a girl. Before the work of bell hooks, Audre Lorde, Rebecca Walker, Kate Bornstein, and Naomi Wolf took hold in my heart, I had these suspect texts and their unsubtle anti-feminist lessons.

Look appreciative when a man teaches you something basic.

Why learn how to take care of marine life when you can take care of you?

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Have you considered committing to the most ethical dietary plan, termed vegan when in 1944 Dorothy Morgan and Donald Watson removed dairy from the middle of vegetarian? If so, you’ll need words of encouragement to stay the course. You might also need to watch Kip Anderson’s documentary Cowspiracy as well as the film he produced called Seaspiracy, directed by Ali Tabrizi, which was recently released on Netflix.

But it’s not so bad to eat fish! you, a staunch pescetarian, might say while refusing to watch Seaspiracy. In that case, here are some self-care affirmations to encant in lieu of actually…

We will no longer be overlooked while shopping for cauliflower gnocchi.

Social justice artwork by the author

Last August, beloved grocery store Trader Joe’s was called out by a seventeen year old in San Francisco who started an online petition claiming that labels used on the company’s products were racist. Swapping out “Joe” for international versions such as “José” on Mexican beer or “Giotto” on Italian pasta sauce was employing a “tool of othering,” according to the petitioner and her followers.

As an even better activist than last year’s teenage Trader Joe’s protestor, I’m here to tell you that the store with employees garbed in the fabric of Hawaii despite currently living in South Pasadena or Spokane

Pull any of these and prepare to be read for filth.

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As a graduate of Mystery school, former resident psychic at an East Village Wiccan bookshop, and frequent reader of many spreads, I am well-versed in the occult insight from astrology, numerology, and the Kabbalah contained in Tarot cards. Beyond these fields, let us not lose sight of the fact that our 22 Major Arcana trumps and 56 Minor Arcana pips and court cards were documented in fifteenth century Italy but arose from polytheistic Iran and thus contain strong biases from all these ancestors. …

Finally, I have escaped antisemitic Prussia!

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You may know me from the show Bridgerton, produced by Shonda Rhimes and in keeping with her favorite topics: scandal and anatomy. This show reimagines high society London circa 1813 as inclusive of people of color, and when I was invited to join in I was thrilled to be an ally as well as the only Jewish cast member. You couldn’t tell I am Jewish? Of course; there isn’t one singular look. And let’s be real, I’m not as strict about kashrut or shabbat as I should be. But I am very shiny, and was handpicked by royalty. …

They are blooming ready to do their job.

While it’s sort of astonishing that any film and television production is operating at all in the middle of a global pandemic, in general Hollywood actors are currently sitting at home attempting to write mediocre screenplays because they can’t audition to do the thing they are actually good at. …

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