Before I had access to the first three waves of feminist literature, fictional plants and animals offered me antiquated warnings on growing up female.

Have you ever reviewed the messaging in a stack of books you read as a child to unpack the sense of doom you felt growing up in the eighties? My brain still pages through these long overdue check-outs from the library of how to be a girl. …

Such as Hamlet, by this really obscure writer William Shakespeare

Not to brag but I am a very successful young digital nomad — a bromad, if you will — in the fintech-and-optimized-self space who works four hours a week coaching coaches on how to coach and somehow also finds time to read prolifically, meaning that I read five whole books…

This is all too common, and here’s what to do about it

Nausea takes me over so quickly once I schedule-send a business email.

Why do I automatically feel like throwing up the moment I let people know I have accomplished something or have something to sell? Who exactly do…

Audrey Dundee Hannah

Actor (“Bones,” “9–1–1”), satirist (Slackjaw, Points in Case, Flexx), entrepreneur (of many stripes), community organizer (parrots, googly eyed objects).

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