Before I had access to the first three waves of feminist literature, fictional plants and animals offered me antiquated warnings on growing up female.

The author’s stack of children’s books laying it out about misogyny

Look appreciative when a man teaches you something basic.

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  • Have us spray outside your residence. This is obviously for weak-willed environmentalists who care about wildlife…

For those who need help letting go of their exhausted footwear

Obviously wore my new Converse on Kamala Harris’s first day in office as Vice President. These are keepers!

I have to be honest about what I’ve done.

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Ladies, meet your man this June!

Photo by Michael Kropiewnicki from Pexels

Woes of a solopreneur attempting vacation

Photograph by the author, who was clearly being read for filth by this Blue Q pencil case

Can you tell I wrote this? — Audrey

Photo by fauxels from Pexels

These baked goods take on challenges past their pay grade.

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Gen Z, the 90s called to warn you about its terrible choice of toppers.

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Audrey Dundee Hannah

Actor. Human cockatoo. Top writer in Satire.

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